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i accept

I like this weeks challenge a lot. it really helps me get more ideas and a better perspective. thanks!!

1. Recommend a vegetable that you like. -- cucumbers!!
2. Recommend a fruit that you like. -- PINEAPPLES (these are my favorite anything)
3. Recommend a healthy lunch food. -- mmmm. romaine lettuce, handful of candied pecans (a small handful), random veggies (whatever you like the most) and diced strawberries with a raspberry or strawberry vinigrette. yummy!! grilled chicken on top if you are really hungry.
4. What are your favorite workout clothes? -- my 4-year old guy workout pants, gray tank top from walmart (get them now. they are $6 each, and sooo comfy) and my everlast white sports bra top. and clean white cotton socks.
5. What kind of sneakers/shoes do you wear when you work out? Do you like them? i go barefoot for taewkando and i have these blue shoes i bought from big 5 last year for jogging. they are ok. i need new ones soon, but ill have to wait for the cashflow to come in.
6. a. Gym users: What is your favorite gym workout?
b. non-gym users: What is your favorite workout? -- taekwando and cardio workout.
7. Can you recommend a workout DVD/video? -- nope. dont use them.
8. Do you have a recipe that you would like to share? -- any type of stir fry with lots of veggies, no-fat spray, and seasoning on top of brown rice. with pineapples.
9. List 3 tips that you give people who want to lose weight. -- have a positive attitude realizing that you make your choices that predict every outcome you will have, focus on realistic goals, and be clear on exactly why you want to lose weight.
10. Do you have a mantra (something that you repeat to yourself) that aids you in your weight loss journey? If so, would you mind sharing it? -- I make the choices that will make me "me". Nobody else controls any part of it.
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