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1. Recommend a vegetable that you like.
Have you ever tried bokchoy or leeks? I really like these green vegetables :)
Great for stirfry's.

2. Recommend a fruit that you like.
I absolutely love biting into a perfectly ripe peach!

3. Recommend a healthy lunch food.
Bring left overs of your healthy dinner you prepared the night before! I like carrots and hummus lately :)

4. What are your favorite workout clothes?
Less is better! I can't stand to sweat and I like to move freely without my t-shirt hanging over my head, so I wear just my sports bra and some spandex type short things. Luckily I workout at home LOL!

5. What kind of sneakers/shoes do you wear when you work out? Do you like them? Would you recommend them?
ADIDAS! Absolutely. But it's going to come down how the arch supports your foot and exactly what shoe you're looking for. I still have my old adidas shoes (they are 4 years old) and I can't give them up even though the tread is completely gone. They are just soooo comfy!

6. a. Gym users: What is your favorite gym workout?
Even though I workout from home, I really enjoyed taking a Yoga class at the gym. I like combined classes like that.

b. non-gym users: What is your favorite workout?
THE FIRM! It's the best workout series you can do from home in my opinion. I also like Denise Austin, but the FIRM really kicks my butt into high gear and get's me into shape with QUICK results. I feel like a buff woman when I'm done, I can run up stairs w/o taking a breath...

It's the best feeling being in shape and I have this workout series to thank...and the fact that I've been doing an absolutely amazing job lately at being consistent with it! (had to give myself snaps there)

7. Can you recommend a workout DVD/video?
Try Complete Aerobics and Weight Training from the FIRM series, you can find it at Target, and even though they use the fanny lifter and sculpting stick, as a beginner you can do the workout w/o those items. It will kick your butt!

8. Do you have a recipe that you would like to share?
Tonight, for dinner I am making pork chop center cuts w/apricot and applesauce salsa, curried coucous and a prepared vegetable. It's as easy as that. Follow package directions for couscous, cook a vegetable and fry the pork using low-fat cooking spray. The salsa is just unsweetened applesauce w/fresh chopped up apricots. Mmmmmm.

9. List 3 tips that you give people who want to lose weight.
Make an exercise chart and hang it on your fridge for motivation! Use stickers to mark your progress! When you review the past months you've exercised, you'll feel so good about yourself :)

Keep a food journal. I hate to count calories, so I just track food/portions. However, it is good to check calorie intake from time to time. When you have overeating occurences, list why...feelings? Stress?

Give up GUILT! It robs you from your progress and puts off your goal. It's the NO. 1 reason it has taken me so long to lose weight. So give up the guilt, get back on track the next day and forgive yourself! DON'T HATE! :)

10. Do you have a mantra (something that you repeat to yourself) that aids you in your weight loss journey? If so, would you mind sharing it?
Calm down. LOL! Seriously, I stress too much. Calm down, get back on track, and dog gone it! People like me :)
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