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Let your life take Shape...

do a shape over

Shape Your Life
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This community is for people who love shape magazine, and want to take part in the new series "Shape Over". Each Monday will be a new weekly challenge. The Challenge Posts will be put into the memories so that you can easily refer to them. If you plan on joining a challenge post it in the challenge message and randomly post in the community to tell us how you are doing so we can help each other stay motivated.

This is a moderated community. This means you need to send a request to join. I am tired of people joining, but not participating. This is an action based community and to make it benefitial for all the members you must involve yourself in some of our weekly challenges.

If you want to join you must know you will be expected to participate.

Can Do's (posting)
Anything relating to current or past challenges
Success stories
Progress Pictures, Measurements, Weekly Weigh Ins
Your Exercise Diet Plans
Anything to do with nutrition, weight loss, exercies, etc
You can share your struggles and trimuphs
Pictures must be behind a cut

No No's (posting)
Quiz Results
Ads, promotions for other communities etc

1. No berating, belittling, or abusing other members. We are all struggling here so be tolerant.
2. Pictures must be behind a cut < lj-cut > (minus the spaces)
3. Posts must be relevant. But not necessarily on topic, just relevant.
4. We're here to support each other.

Any breaking of the rules and you will be banned. If you need to report someone, please contact me divaness.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Challenge Posters
5-31 divaness
6-7 healthy_sarah
6-14 supafitchick
6-21 raf37
6-28 divaness
7-5 vy427
7-12 trainspotgirl
7-19 divaness

Reward Stars
Are stars given to members who complete each weeks challenge, at the end of a month or two... then we give prizes to the winner.