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challenge accepted

I like this one. I tend to pretty much have a list similar to this to refer to, and i update it every couple of weeks.

Name: Sarah
age: 20 (almost 21!!)
height: 5'7
weight now: 172.5
long term weight goal: 135-ish (when i get there, we will see what feels the best)
short term weight goal: 165
favorite cardio exercise: Taekwando (kicks, punches, blocks, forms... the whole 9 yards provides a wonderful cardio workout, self-defense knowledge, and mental clarity that i just havent found yet in other forms of exercise)
favorite exercise that is not cardio (anaerobic): Hmmm, sad to say I dont have one. Maybe isometrics? I tend to like the exercises that work your mind and your body and I haven't gotten that from lifting weights yet.
If you had a friend wanting to get into fitness, but complained that it was too boring and painful, what advice would you give: I would first ask their reasoning about why they wanted it, and how important it was to them. Then, I would help them obtain all the resources I thought they would need, as well as invite them to join me with taekwando, jogging, rockclimbing, etc. I would also help them find an activity that they enjoyed for reasons other than it getting them into shape, so they would look forward to exercising.
How do you keep your own fitness regimine fun: I work out with other people, because there is always room for a good conversation. Also, with martial arts I can always learn new things and challenge my mind, which in turn challenges my body.
what else would you like this community to know about you or your journey in fitness: Once I realized I was "fat" in January, I started to try different things (weight watchers, exercise, etc.) to get my weight down. My perspective of "fat" turned into "overweight" over the next couple of months, and then into "out of shape". I am currently in the "slowly getting there" state of mind, and have overcome soooo much with these different attitudes. I have gone from faithfully follwing weight watchers for a few weeks, to not at all, to a form of anorexia/bulimia that I have gone through before in my life, to faithfully doing what feels right with my body by exrecising and getting a lot of "healthy foods" in my diet. While I will still have a couple of donuts and strawberry milk for breakfast once a month or so, I dont do it every day. I might take a couple days off from exercising, but I dont use it as an excuse to fall off the bandwagon, and I keep right on exercising when I am up for it again.

I have made so much progress; since January, I have lost weight equivalent to a healthy two- or three-year old (~25 pounds) My progress has been slower than I would have liked it to be, however I praise myself for keeping at it and not giving up. Some days are better than others, but they all count and they all have added up to be steady and healthy progress.

Sorry for the essay, I just feel it is important to understand people's minds when learning important things about them. BTW, I added my height cause thats part of the whole picture for me personally. My fitness journal is "butimtrying" if anyone would like to see that. I'll gladly friend you back too. This is soooo important to me, and I've found that the people in the same boat as me have really helped shape how far I have come on this journey.
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