Hi_Abbott (trainspotgirl) wrote in shapeover,

the completed challenge

Name: Heather
weight now: around 145
long term weight goal: 115
short term weight goal: 140
favorite cardio exercise: soccer!!
favorite exercise that is not cardio (anaerobic): I'm into sprints at the moment, as it helps my soccer
If you had a friend wanting to get into fitness, but complained that it was too boring and painful, what advice would you give: I usually try to get them to participate in something I'm into at the moment, whether it's biking, skating, or soccer...working out with someone can make even the most painfully boring exercise fun
How do you keep your own fitness regimine fun: I basically end up nonstop for awhile with my fitness path. I'm usually biking or doing something for soccer...I have to pay to play soccer ($40 for being on the team, $1.50 each game) so that's an initiative to keep going. I really love it tho. I love being able to push myself and then to have others realize I'm getting faster. now if I could only get better with my ball handling skills. basically, I let fitness become my life, but making sure I rest at least two days and have time for other stuff...it stays fun because I'm quite obsessed with both biking and soccer. I love my other sports, but these two I'm just so involved with right now...
what else would you like this community to know about you or your journey in fitness: my freshman year of college I went from 110 to 95 or so. there was a whole lot of stress from being unhappy at the school I had chosen and I found myself in an almost anorexic state (5', medium bone structure) but it was cool to be so skinny. then, I lost my best friend to a car accident, changed schools, started partying, and gained lots over a couple of years depression. losing weight to me is more about reclaiming how I used to be. I don't want to be an empty shell anymore, and I'm doing all I can to let myself live as an echo...I spend most of my unbusy work hours writing creatively, and I'm getting more creative by the moment. it's good to see some life in me, but now I want a decent body back. right now I'd be happy with 125-130, but over time I would like to be a little skinnier. I would also like to say that it's for a need to be healthier as well.
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