Raphael's Wet Dream. (tangible_loss) wrote in shapeover,
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pictures taken

sadly, Im not ready to share them just yet.

I just bought a new tankini last weekend, so i took pics in it. A front, side and back. I am going to take some again just before the May 2-4. (its a BIG long weekend beer-a-thon up here, and my friends and i always go to the cottage or camping) I am really going to focus on toning and firming up my butt, thighs and arms between now and then. And I promise that i will post a comparison at that time.
Im going to start swimming atleast once a week (i found out there is a ladies swim in the morning MWF & Sun...right across the street!) and continue with the cross ramp, the bike, and the rowers at the gym once or twice a week, and then bellydancing and pilates atleast once a week. I think that with all that variety, It wont be hard for me to work out 4-5 times a week at all.. and the different things will keep my body on its toes!
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